Captivating vocal performance accompanied by a guitarist or a full band


Sabina Olijve is a singer with Czech-Dutch roots living in Prague. She has successfully completed a six-year degree in Popular Singing at the Prague Conservatory and is currently performing in the Czech Republic and abroad.

One of her main projects is the music duo Sabina & Martin, with whom she has been performing in the Czech Republic and the United Arab Emirates since 2017. They specialize in playing cover songs at private events such as corporate events, weddings or birthday parties. They also play regularly in some Prague venues.

As part of the Rock the Opera project, she performs as a solo singer, mainly in European opera houses or other prestigious concert halls, singing rock hits accompanied by a symphony orchestra. Here, she has collaborated with legends such as Joe Lynn Turner, the iconic singer of Deep Purple and Rainbow, among others.


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Music for your event

Are you seeking a lively music performance for your event, aiming to ensure your guests have a great time, dance, and sing along? We specialize in covering a diverse range of international and Czech/Slovak hits, guaranteeing there's something for everyone.

Rest assured, we will bring all the necessary music equipment, and the only thing we need from you is a power socket.


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